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Software Activity Map

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The table below represents activities and tasks that software engineer’s must be aware of, participate in or be responsible for the development of. The table is a good point of reference for planning purposes and should be address in the Software Development Plan (SDP).     

Activity Software Engineer’s Responsibility
Awareness Participant Write Review
Acquisition Strategy   X X  
Capabilities Based Assessment X      
Clinger Cohen Act   X   X
Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS)   X   X
Conducting Source Selection   X X  
Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD)   X X  
Data Management Strategy (DMS)   X X  
Earn Value Management (EVMS) X     X
Human System Integration (HSI) X     X
Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)       X
Integrated Master Plan (IMP)   X X X
Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)   X X X
Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCMP) X X    
Multiple Development Contractors X      
Net Centric Data Strategy   X    
Open Architecture (OA)     X  
Peer Reviews   X   X
Planning for Independent Verification & Validation   X    
Process Maturity (CMMI)   X    
Quality Assurance – Software   X   X
Request for Proposal (RFP)   X X  
Requirements Traceability       X
RFP Evaluation Factors (Section M) X   X  
RFP Instructions (Section L) X   X  
Risk Management   X X X
Safety Critical Software   X    
Selecting Software Items for CDRLS X X X  
Software Acquisition Management Plan (SWAMP)     X  
Software Architecture   X    
Software Configuration Management   X   X
Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP)   X X X
Software Cost Estimation   X   X
Software Data Rights   X X  
Software Information Assurance (IA)   X   X
Software Metrics   X X X
Software Requirement Development and Management   X   X
Software Size Estimation     X X
Software Test and Evaluation Master Plan     X  
Source Selection Plan   X    
Statement of Objectives (SOO)     X  
Statement of Work (SOW)     X X
Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) X      
Systems Requirements Document (SRD) X     X
Technical Reviews and Audits       X
Technology Development Strategy (TDS)   X X  
Test and Evaluation Strategy   X X  
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)   X   X


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