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- Capstone Threat Assessment (CTA)
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- System Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA)
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- System Security Engineering (SSE)
- System Security Enginering Management Plan (SSMP)
- System Threat Assessment Report
- Technology Assessment/Control Plan
- Technology Release Roadmap (TRR)
- Threat Assessment Center Report
- Types of Security Clearances
Intelligence & Security
System Threat Assessment Report

A System Threat Assessment Report (STAR) provides an assessment of a potential adversary’s ability to neutralize or degrade a system underdevelopment. It summarizes the approved threat for combat and materiel developers, developmental and operational testers, and evaluators for all systems. The STAR is a statutory requirement to support policy makers and decision makers in Congress, OSD, and service RDA and T&E communities throughout a program’s life cycle.  

The STAR is the primary threat reference used in preparation of threat portions of JCIDS documents and Test & Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), or TTSPs. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) provides validation for System Threat Assessment Reports to support Acquisition Category (ACAT) ID/ Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP). DoD Instruction 5000.02 requires that MDAPs have a validated STAR in place at Milestones B and C.  

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Instruction 5000.002 describes STAR elements and format.  

- The assessment should be kept current and validated throughout the acquisition process.  

AcqLinks and References:
- Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) – Section 8.1
- DIA Instruction 5000.002
- DoD Instruction 5000.02 “Operation of the Defense Acquisition System” - 8 Dec 2008
- Army Regulation 381-11 “Intelligent Support of Capability Development” - 26 Jan 2007 - Section 4-2
- CJCSI 3312.01A "Joint Military Intelligence Requirement Certification" - 26 Feb 2008

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