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- System Threat Assessment Report
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- Technology Release Roadmap (TRR)
- Threat Assessment Center Report
- Types of Security Clearances
Intelligence & Security
Program Protection Plan

The Program Protection Plan (PPP) is the single source document used to coordinate and integrate all protection efforts.  It's designed to deny access to Critical Program Information (CPI) to anyone not authorized, not having a need-to-know and prevent inadvertent disclosure of leading edge technology to foreign interests. The PPP is approved by the Program Manager (PM) after an Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) has been validated and is part of the Security Classification Guide (SCG). [1]

Program Protection Plan Outline and Guidance - July 2011

The following guidance describes the process used to prepare a PPP when one is required: [1]


While there is no specific format for PPPs, they normally include the following: [1] 


- Detailed descriptions of program protection activities are provided in the Defense Acquisition Guidebook Chapter 13

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