Production, Quality & Manufacturing (PQM)
- Overview: PQM
- Integrated Management Planning (IMP)
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- Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
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- Value Engineering Change Proposal
Production, Quality & Manufacturing
Corrective Action Request

A Corrective Action Request (CAR) is sent to a supplier where and item or process is in nonconformity and a remedy is required. CAR’s are normally determined during quality assurance activities. Each organization will have its own specific CAR form, process and procedures.  

The DoD has four (4) levels of CARs. The level depends on the severity of the nonconformity and the level of supplier management visibility required to adequately address corrective actions. The levels are:


For Level II or higher corrective action requests, the CAR should clearly state that the request should be treated by the supplier as a customer complaint. This will ensure that information is reviewed by the supplier as part of the corrective action system. They shall cite the following minimum requirements for a Supplier’s response:


Deficiency reporting is one quality system activity to address nonconformance identified during quality assurance and surveillance. The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) field activity establishes a product deficiency reporting and correction action system to track and record the status of the products' ability to meet user requirements with feedback to the system developer. When contract noncompliance is identified, the DCMA field activity requests a CAR, evaluates, and verifies the contractor's corrective actions.  

This government deficiency reporting system should be supported by appropriate contractor defect identification and corrective action systems that:



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